Fire Runsheet

Model 2

3⅛" Paper size
Super speed printout
Automatic cutter
Ethernet connectivity
High-gain wifi connectivity
Visual & Audible alerts


How to Buy

Please contact sales to purchase. Due to station-specific configuration, installation isn't as easy as plug-and-play. We're committed to quality and satisfaction and getting it right is our number one priority. We will work with you to determine which model and processors suit your needs.

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Paper Re-Ordering

When re-ordering paper, it's important to know the width and length of the thermal paper to order. If you purchase a roll too long, it may not be able to fit into the printer.

The Model 2 takes a 3⅛ inch width by ~230 feet length thermal paper roll. This type of roll is very common and most paper supply stores will carry it. Below are some quick links to compatible rolls


If you have any questions or are having any issues with your purchased printer, please let us know and we will help you.

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